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"Margrave was originally the medieval title for the military commander assigned to maintain the defence of one of the border provinces of the Holy Roman Empire or of a kingdom. That position became hereditary in certain feudal families in the Empire, and the title came to be borne by rulers of some Imperial principalities until the abolition of the Empire in 1806 (e.g., Margrave of Brandenburg, Margrave of Baden). Thereafter, those domains were absorbed in larger realms or the titleholders adopted titles indicative of full sovereignty." - ( 20.11.2019)

What we know

office held

office held Otto III. von Brandenburg (1215-1267) Brandenburg (State)
office held Johann I. von Brandenburg (1213-1266)
office held Albert III, Duke of Saxony (1443-1500) Meissen
office held Georg von Brandenburg-Ansbach (1484-1543)
office held Albert of Mainz (1490-1568)
office held Dietrich IV, Landgrave of Lusatia (-1307) Lausitz
office held Dietrich IV, Landgrave of Lusatia (-1307) Osterland
office held Ottokar II of Bohemia (1232-1278) Moravia
office held Vladislaus, Margrave of Moravia (-1247) Moravia
office held Ottokar I of Bohemia (-1230) Moravia 1222-1224
office held Vladislaus III, Duke of Bohemia (-1222) Moravia 1197-1222
office held Lothair Udo II, Margrave of the Nordmark (-1082) Northern March
office held Henry III of Meissen (the Illustrious) (1215-1288) Meissen

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