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Balduin Möllhausen (1825-1905)

"Heinrich Balduin Möllhausen (27 January 1825—28 May 1905) was a German writer, traveler and artist who visited the United States and participated in three separate expeditions exploring the American frontier. After his travel he became a popular and prolific author of adventure stories based on his experiences in America. It is estimated that he produced at least forty-five large works in 157 volumes and eighty novelettes in twenty-one volumes. His popularity and subject matter earned him recognition as the German Fenimore Cooper." - ( 09.11.2019)

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Collected Balduin Möllhausen (1825-1905)
Created Omaha people
Created Cheyenne
Created Walapai

Drawn Balduin Möllhausen (1825-1905)

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