Charles Turner (1774-1857)

"Charles Turner (31 August 1774, Woodstock, Oxfordshire – 1 August 1857) was an English mezzotint engraver and draughtsman who specialized in portraiture. He collaborated with J. M. W. Turner (to whom he was not related) on the early plates of the same´s Liber Studiorum." - ( 25.12.2019)

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Battle of Foentes D´Onor … on the 5. May 1811Die verbündete Armee überquert den Tejo bei Villa Velha, 20. Mai 1811 - WellingtThis view of the Fording of the River Mondego by the Allied Army on the 21th SepThe village of Pombal (Portugal) in flames, as evacuated by the French Army undePorträt Richard Fitzwilliam (1745-1816)
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Printing plate produced Charles Turner (1774-1857)
Template creation Howard, Henry
Was depicted (Actor) FitzWilliam, Richard

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