Hermann Schoede (1877-1945)

"Mäzen des Berliner Völkerkundemuseum; Mitglied der Berliner Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte; unternahm mehrere selbst finanzierte Forschungsreisen; 1909-1910 Sammelreise nach Deutsch-Neuguinea; unterwegs mit Kapitän Carlson und J. M. Rondahl auf den Schonern Hariet und Alice; bereist die Amiralitätsinseln, das Eitapegebiet und den Huon-Golf;" - gnd, 08.09.2019 "Hermann Schoede, the next major collector was a wealthy German who travelled around German New Guinea from mid-1909 to 1910 (Welsch, 1998, vol. 2: 148). For six months he sailed the leased schooner Harriet and Alice, and spent several days visiting the south coast of New Britain. A.B. Lewis, spent Christmas 1909 at Arawe Plantation with Schoede, and Lewis’s diary documents how Schoede worked (Welsch, 1998, vol. 1: 167–168). Schoede collected about 200 objects from the south coast, and approximately 180 are in the Berlin Museum (gifted in 1909). Part of his collection originally given to the Duke of Saxe-Meiningen is now in Leipzig, Museum für Völkerkunde, and four objects attributed to Schoede are in the Linden-Museum, Stuttgart. Although Schoede was an amateur, his documentation is impeccable. His collection was broad ranging like those of his professional contemporaries and for each item he recorded the provenance, drew the item and pasted all this information on the Berlin museum’s catalogue cards. Schoede provided a much greater depth of information than many contemporaries and museum professionals." - Chantal Knowles and Chris Gosdens, "A Century of Collecting: Colonial Collectors in Southwest New Britain" in Records of the Australian Museum, Supplement 29 (2004): 65–74, Zitat von S. 69

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