Pietro Bembo (1470-1547)

"Pietro Bembo, O.S.I.H. (20 May 1470 – either 11 January or 18 January, 1547) was an Italian scholar, poet, literary theorist, member of the Knights Hospitaller and a cardinal. He was an influential figure in the development of the Italian language, specifically Tuscan, as a literary medium, codifying the language for standard modern usage. His writings assisted in the 16th-century revival of interest in the works of Petrarch. Bembo´s ideas were also decisive in the formation of the most important secular musical form of the 16th century, the madrigal. The typeface Bembo is named after him." - ( 10.11.2019)

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Was depicted (Actor) Pietro Bembo (1470-1547)
Created Giuseppe Longhi (1766-1831) ()
Published Niccolò Bettoni (1770-1842) ()
Template creation / Intellectual creation Bossi, Giacomo ()
Collected Benoni Friedlaender (1773-1858) ()
Printing plate produced Giulio Bonasone (1498-1574) ()
Printing plate produced / Intellectual creation Vico, Enea ()
Printing plate produced Becceni, Pietro(1755-1829) ()
Printing plate produced Johann Theodor de Bry (1561-1623) ()
Printing plate produced Francesco Bartolozzi (1728-1815) ()
Intellectual creation / Printing plate produced Wallerant Vaillant (1623-1677) ()
Intellectual creation / Painted Titian (1488-1576) ()