Julia Avita Mamaea (180-235)

"Julia Avita Mamaea (14 or 29 August after 180–235) was a Syrian noble woman and a Roman regent of the Severan dynasty. She was the mother of Roman Emperor Alexander Severus and served as regent of Rome during his minority, de facto during his reign." - ( 30.10.2019)

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Was depicted (Actor) Julia Avita Mamaea (180-235)
Was depicted (Actor) Vesta (Göttin) ()
Was depicted (Actor) Venus ()
Collected Elfriede Höhn (1916-2003) ()
Collected Prof. Dr. Hildebrecht Hommel ()
Collected Hans Werner Ritter (1934-) ()
Collected Konrad Kraft (1920-1970) ()
[Relation to person or institution] A. Riechmann & Co. ()
Commissioned / Was depicted (Actor) Alexander Severus (208-235) ()