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Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor (1552-1612)

"Rudolf II (18 July 1552 – 20 January 1612) was Holy Roman Emperor (1576–1612), King of Hungary and Croatia (as Rudolf I, 1572–1608), King of Bohemia (1575–1608/1611) and Archduke of Austria (1576–1608). He was a member of the House of Habsburg.

Rudolf´s legacy has traditionally been viewed in three ways: an ineffectual ruler whose mistakes led directly to the Thirty Years´ War; a great and influential patron of Northern Mannerist art; and an intellectual devotee of occult arts and learning which helped seed what would be called the scientific revolution." - ( 31.10.2019)

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Was depicted (Actor) Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor (1552-1612)

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